Humanitarian medical work takes Dr. Dennis to Fiji

Dr Dennis Millard is not only the director and lead clinician of Utopian Cosmetics but he is also a qualified Anaesthetist for the private and […]

Cosmetic Injectable Botox and Lip Filler

Beauty Business – More Than Looks

Article by Dan Wilkie and Shan Crisp for WA Business News

Preventative treatments, cosmetic injectables

Cosmetic Injectables current trends

Cosmetic Injectable Trends in Perth and Preventive Treatments

Cure hyperhidrosis

Beat the Sweats

Hyperhidrosis, Excess Sweating, and the Easy Solution With temps rising throughout Australia, people are struggling with the heat’s sticky side effects. Dr. Dennis Millard of […]

Botox with Dr Dennis

Brotox Boom – Cosmetic Injectables for Men

Brotox Boom in Perth, more men visiting taking care of their appearance

Eyebrow lift

One question we are often asked is “can you do anything about my drooping eyelids?” The simple answer – yes. Heavy or saggy eyelids are […]