Wrinkle Relaxers Perth – Specialising in high quality cosmetic medical treatments, Utopian Cosmetics is a boutique practice run by two qualified Perth Wrinkle Relaxers Doctors, Dr Dennis Millard and Dr Paige Morley, committed to providing exceptional services to our patients.

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Utopian Cosmetics Doctors specialise in a range of non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments including

  • Dermal fillers
  • Wrinkle Relaxers
  • Anti-wrinkle injectables
  • Injection lipolysis
  • Hair re-growth solutions
  • Lip contouring
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty, cheek and chin augmentations
  • Teeth grinding treatments
  • Excessive underarm sweating treatments
  • Migraine treatments

Located in Peppermint Grove, we treat patients within the Perth Metropolitan Area and hold regular clinics in Bunbury and Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Beautiful, Natural Results: Start The Road To A New You Today With Utopian Cosmetics

Today’s medical advances have opened up a huge selection of treatments to patients of all ages. With less invasive and less painful options you are now more empowered than ever to make changes to your appearance. Those changes can now be achieved with less pain than ever before.

And these life changing options are providing women and men like you the confidence and happiness that come with an improved you.

Not all treatments are purely cosmetic in nature, which means you can also gain health benefits that give you an improved quality of life. Book your consultation today and see what our medically trained and highly experienced doctors can do to help you achieve the look and feel you want.

The Experts You Will Be Dealing With

At Utopian Cosmetics you will be working with two of the best cosmetic doctors in Perth. Dr. Dennis Millard and Dr. Paige Morley will deal with all your requirements and fully advise you on the best treatment options to achieve your personal goals.

Every patient is unique and you will have very individual and personal ideas of how you want to look and feel. You can rest assured that all treatments you choose will be administered by fully qualified and medically trained doctors.

When you first experience the welcoming and professional environment at Utopian Cosmetics, you will understand why we are the most trusted provider of cosmetic procedures in Perth.

We strongly believe that all our patients, including you, should receive the best possible information before choosing a treatment option. You will be given a full overview of how different choices will give you the health and cosmetic results you are looking for.

Providing You With The Most Trusted Process

Beautiful results begin with you and the consultation process starts exactly there. You will have a full medical assessment during which you will be able to tell us exactly what you would like to change about your appearance or what health issues are bothering you.

We deal with all requests individually and wherever possible will try to recommend less invasive procedures. In the last few years these options have improved drastically and you now have access to great technology that will cause you less pain and a much faster recovery time.

Before you make a final decision, you will have been fully educated on what the procedures will involve and what to expect from the pre- and post-treatment time. Only when you are fully prepared and understand what we will be doing, will we be happy to proceed to give you the results you will love.

Enhance Your Beauty

At Utopian Cosmetics, you will be able to choose many different treatments that will give you natural results you will love. In many cases, you will be able to combine different treatments so that you reduce recovery times to a minimum.

Our doctors are constantly seeking out new and improved techniques that give you more options. A lot of these are now less invasive and will not cause much disruption to your normal life.

For many patients, this will take a lot of the fear out of the process.

Here are some of the Treatments you can avail of at Utopian Cosmetics.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

Anti wrinkle injections are popular treatments for women and men these days for dealing with wrinkles. You will find that they are unavoidable with age and can start appearing as early as age 30. Anti-wrinkle injections will relax and temporarily reduce movement in certain muscles. As a result, your skin has time to recover and lines will gradually disappear.

Dermal Fillers Perth

These cosmetic fillers are one of the most popular treatments used to rejuvenate facial skin and give you a much younger look. It involves you receiving injections into the skin to provide rehydration. This fills the skin tissue and reduces the visible lines and thereby gives you a much fresher appearance.

Injection Lipolysis

Have you got stubborn fat deposits that no amount of exercise and diet seem to get rid of? Then this simple non-invasive treatment is what will help. The most commonly treated areas are hips, belly and thighs. The procedure essentially works to displace and dissolve fatty tissue to give you a slimmer look.

Hair Re-growth Solutions

Hair loss affects men most often, but women can suffer from it as well. It can give you a lack of confidence that is easily solved. We use the latest in medications available and the treatment will actually be done by you at home.

Lip Contouring

This treatment is ideal if you feel that your lips do not look as full and defined as they used to. Or maybe you were just born with less defined lips. If that is the case then you will love the results this treatment provides. With simple dermal filler injections, we can give your lips the fuller shape to compliment your looks.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Cheek And Chin Augmentations

You probably think that all facial cosmetic changes to reshape your face would involve invasive and painful surgery. But medical advances have given you options that do not require surgery, but still achieve the beautiful and natural results you want.

Teeth Grinding Treatments

You may have found yourself grinding your teeth due to stress and this is especially common in men. The grinding may happen during the day or when you are asleep and can result in you having severe headaches and neck pains, as well as leading to dental issues.

The involuntary grinding can be reduced and stopped by using the same substance as is used for anti-wrinkle injections. Essentially it relaxes the muscle making such involuntary grinding a thing of the past.

Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatments

If you suffer from excessing sweating under the arms then you will probably find this annoying and sometime embarrassing. Such conditions can be easily treated with non-invasive injections into the arm pit. This blocks your sweat glands resulting in less sweating.

Migraine Treatments

You might be wondering how cosmetic doctors can help you if you suffer from migraines. The treatment involves injecting the same substance used for anti-wrinkle treatments in specific parts of your face and head. The locations are determined during your consultation meeting and treatment takes as little as 15 minutes.

To find out more about which options are best suited to you, just pick up the phone and make an appointment. You will not regret having talked to us and we are certain that the caring and professional environment will put you at ease and answer all your questions.

Start The Consultation Process Today

You can contact us today with the inquiry form on this page or by simply picking up the phone. We provide you with a flexible appointment schedule so that you don’t have to change your day to meet with us.

Appointments for treatments can also be arranged to help you best fit them into your own busy life.

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